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OUCH! BUGGER! OW! OW OW! I'm banging my head against a brick wall...and I must admit that it's hurting! A lot! So, I'm going to stop and maybe, the pain will cease too?

People have been banging their heads against the wall surrounding C Williams1976's rather tiny and useless world for many moons... He has been producing "mocks" of archive television continuity and so called "interval junctions" at an industrial rate since 2008 and despite the repeated efforts of the people living outside of his bubble to reason with him, he's still out there making his weird videos. We are going to have a little trawl through some of his efforts on this site and maybe have a laugh or two, at his expense, along the way.

Listen to him on this first clip... Bunged up nose, clueless about what to say next as he's never even thought about writing a "script" and then, before a children's programme, he decides to play 15 minutes of "music" that even your Granny would hate! What a twerp! Listen to that shite! No wonder Gaz Top looks so distraught!